How to Stand Out in Business using Networking

How to Stand Out in Business using Networking

Valentina typing on a old fashioned typewriter
Valentina typing on a old fashioned typewriter

I originally typed out this post in an old-fashioned typewriter at the library, see picture. It was a Saturday afternoon and there was a free Creative Writing workshop at the library. How could I not want to jump on that opportunity? Writing is part of my daily life as a marketing consultant. Writing for a social media caption, blog post, or even a PPT Presentation for an upcoming workshop requires creative writing. How can I make it stand out in the busy world of Social Media?

The first assignment in this Creative Writing workshop was to do a Haiku and then free verse. I overheard a conversation after the Haiku assignment that inspired me to write out what has helped me be in business for seven years: networking. It also involves doing quality work. Moreover, the conversation included someone saying that people outside the region hire their services but people inside our region do not.

It hit a nerve.

It reminded me of my own personal story with a local professional club that took several years to invite me to speak to their group. It was probably due to the Rule of 350 miles that I first heard of in my mentors first book, Superwoman Smarts. People will find value and hire you if you are outside their radius.

I have spoken professionally to several professional associations outside the region. But it took me about six years in business to do so for specific local club that was a personal goal of mine. How I did it? It was due to networking and being visible! Someone from that club noticed that I was actively speaking in my city and connected with me to do so with her club.

Networking: big or small?

I have been overly committed to my business these past seven years. I’m noticing these subtle but ambitious differences among other entrepreneurs. Here is what I did: networking effectively. I used networking in the first few years as a weapon. Now I have less time to do so and use it differently. Networking is strictly focusing to the same groups or smaller groups versus massive networking groups that people tend to want to do more of.

Big Functions

When I do attend big groups such as Chamber of Commerce events or Galas I try to focus on spending one on one time with one or two individuals. My goal is always is to build rapport and try to connect with others in a meaningful way where I stay on track on the conversation without looking up to see who else might be present.

I remember Maya Angelou’s quote:

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Branding yourself in business involves being in the people business. People will remember how you treat them before they decide to hire you or pay for your services.

Now that more people are doing consulting in the marketing industry, I have to make an effort to stand out. People have remembered me because of the work I have done but also from the networking that I have done with those connections that I have made.

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get to know Valentina
get to know Valentina

Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA is an award winning young professional. She has a background in sales and has been using social media platforms professionally since 2009. Her experiences stem from years of staying current on the latest in industry news, handling customer objectives, and creating a solid social media marketing plan.


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