marketing for 2023

Because you want to step up your Marketing for 2023

Simply Put: I teach business owners one on one how to use Social Media (Facebook Business Page, Instagram, even LinkedIn) with effective solutions and offer workshops/presentations to groups about Social Media Marketing so they spend less time struggling with learning these platforms and back on focusing on working with their customers so that they can increase their sales.

This will include researching your industry, setting up your company with the appropriate platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc).

Confidential Consulting is Available! Hire us to get the latest tools and resources to excel in your digital marketing strategies and online engagement with customers!

Due to the current job market/recession – marketing/PR/Advertising professionals are expected to know the latest in Social Media to maintain their current positions or to seek new opportunities in the job market.

Here are the types of audiences that I cater to:

  • New or Small Business Owner
  • Individuals who are facing change in Industry or Job Role
  • Training of new Staff member (secretary, receptionist, etc)
  • Baby Boomers who are seeking new job opportunities
  • Gen X’ers/Millennials who need to get up to speed on Social Media for job role or business
  • Gen Z’s who have never managed business pages & need a quick run through of what the back end features are.
  • Nonprofit professionals trying to engage with their audiences
  • MarCom Professional who needs to tune up their digital marketing skills
  • Management or Corporate exec requiring basic knowledge of social media to manage employee performance

You can see more about my next workshop here: or if you can’t make it, you can always reach out to me for private consultations or perhaps a group presentation/workshop for your staff. Feel free to message me here.

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