Engage with Audience on Social Media the Old Fashioned Way

Valentina participating at the United Way's Celebrity Bagging Event in Food City on eastman Road in Kingsport, TN
Valentina participating at the United Way’s Celebrity Bagging Event
Today I put to practice what I preach on Social Media but I did it in person (and it worked)! Build rapport and then ask for something (sell). I participated in the United Way’s Celebrity Bagging Event, essentially I bagged people’s groceries and asked for donation (to be placed inside the donation can). I didn’t immediately ask for a donation, unless they purchased few items. I built rapport first. I noticed the items on the “buggie” (like they call here) and based on what I found, I would ask about recipes, cooking methods, etc AND then ask for a donation. A couple of folks noticed I don’t share the same accent and would ask me where I’m from…or they would make fun of me since I didn’t know how to peel/cook
Runner Beans
Runner Beans
runner beans…or compliment me on my energy. These conversations wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t take the time to notice their food items and start a conversation.

Here’s what you need to do online:

  1. Don’t sell first by asking for people for something or constantly post a promo code

  2. Research your audience, find out what they like, who they follow on Twitter or pages they “like” on FB

  3. Ask questions (open-ended) about comparisons on brands, why they choose that product/service, etc.

  4. Engage with their friends’ conversations

  5. Show your personality. Use words unique to you. Cater your message based on your audiences’ interest.