Who is your Chief Engagement Officer? Things to consider

Mobile is the Present not the Future. Photo Courtesy of David Edelman’s article on LinkedIn: Who is your Chief Engagement Officer.

This is in response to David Edelman’s article: “Who is your Chief Engagement Officer?” on LinkedIn

In my work with non-profits alone, it’s a full time job trying to engage with the past donors for ongoing sponsorships, networking with potential leads, and the general audience for fundraising opportunities. Imagine companies for profit! Whether’s promoting an “event” on Facebook, taking behind-the-scenes pictures onto (mobile, now web-based app) Instagram, to tagging your location onto Foursquare to receive a freebie or providing awareness to others. People are currently leaving tweets or Facebook comments easily through their Mobile Devices while waiting in line for coffee, after ordering in a restaurant, or even while driving! There needs to be a “chief engagement officer” to commit to respond to these comments on  a quick matter because not responding to someone comment/tweet is like not responding to a person in a live conversation.

Marketing doesn’t cut it anymore…it’s an engagement position! How Social can you be???