• Instagram and LinkedIn: Posting and Engagement Strategies for Increasing Visibility Plus Using Hashtags Consistently

    Featured in the Frazzled to Focused Podcast for service-based business owners

    We discussed Instagram and LinkedIn: Posting and Engagement Strategies for Increasing Visibility Plus Using Hashtags Consistently, you can hear the entire podcast here! You can copy and paste this link: https://amylockrin.com/2022/02/02/episode-27-instagram-and-linkedin-posting-and-engagement-strategies-for-increasing-visibility-plus-using-hashtags-consistently/ Speaking of Social Media Webinars, interested in learning more?…

  • Valentina's Favorite Podcasts

    Valentina’s Favorite Podcasts

    As I am getting closer to celebrating my 10th Business Anniversary (actually 10 days away). I often get asked for podcast recommendations. Below is a list of podcasts that cater to my niche which includes marketing, business, female entrepreneurship (a…

  • Valentina's Tips on Social Selling and Branding

    How I personally Leverage my Brand and Sell on Social Media

    I was invited to do two on-demand live training videos for Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC). (Will post once live) Topics included: Leverage your Branding for your Sales & another on Selling on Social Media. Thanks to KOSBE –…

  • When Valentina became the influencer, strategies for Marketers

    I mentioned influencers in a recent webinar about 2022 trends, you can see more trends in this article. Influencers. Everyone wants to be them. Right? I see my young kids pretending to be one and taking selfies and describing what…

  • Valentina's Social Media Predictions for 2022

    Valentina’s Social Media Predictions for 2022

    I recently completed a social media webinar about this topic for the Knoxville TSBDC. Here a few takeaways that I haven’t shared in other blog posts: “…over 53% of the world’s population on social media, it’s critical that your business has…

  • Featured in KnoxvilleVoyager

    Featured in Knoxville Voyager

    Read the entire interview here: https://knoxvillevoyager.com/interview/meet-valentina-escobar-gonzalez-mba-of-beyond-engagement/

  • Picture of Times News article - Watch now: Veterans say help needed to launch businesses, find jobs

    What Veterans need to do to Market their business

    I love helping our Veterans. I was invited to speak to a local Veteran luncheon about social media. Here is why we need to help our Veterans: Veterans make up around 7% of population. 6.1% of all firms in US…