Book Review Think Like a Rock Star by Mack Collier

My favorite tips from “Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies that Turn Customers into Fans”

If you’ve done Social Media for yourself or as a business you’ll know sometimes you need  some motivation to keep posting. You might not see immediate results or you might just get tired that you’re not seeing any response from your fans. Maybe it’s your content?

As a social media consultant, I’m more of a motivational coach when I met with my clients about their current social strategies. I push them with content ideas but sometimes, need a little nudge myself to post my own materials online. (The title of this book: “Think Like a Rock Star” certainly got my attention)

Book Review, Think Like a Rock Star by Mack Collier
Book Review, Think Like a Rock Star by Mack Collier

I’ve heard so much about the author, Mack Collier not just because of his memorable Southern accent but for his presence in this social media world and for his “tweet chats” (#Blogchat) on Sunday night.

I hope the quotes that I post below (from his book), inspire you to buy this awesome book to help with your current strategy. (Disclaimer: I bought this book myself and was not pushed to blog about this)

  • “Your customers won’t become fans of your brand unless they understand your brand and feel that your brand understands them”
  • Resources included in the book are Google Blog Search and (to research about yourself and your competitors)
  • Real-life Case Studies such as Graco (it hit my personally since I’m a parent with a young child) and the Statistics on pg. 20: “Graco was smart enough to pick bloggers who belonged to the community that the brand wanted to connect with” (even cooler since I bought a crib before knowing all this info)
  • My favorite Case Study included Fiskateers (p. 41) where their “movement” (must-read the specific details in the book) resulted in  “Stores that have a visit from a lead Fiskateer have seen their sales double as a result”
  • If you’re into the music industry, you’ll hear success stories about musicians (the rockstars of this book such as Sarah McLachlan, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Johnny Cash – to mention a few)
  • How the….”CDC’s blog crashed after more than 30,000 people visited [their] blog on the day of the post” (p. 59)
  • Ask yourself “Our Customer buy our products because they want to ___,” and then fill the blank. (p. 57)
  • Finally, my favorite quote (where I went highlighter crazy) was this long one:
    • “In doing your online research for cameras, you come across a blog Nikon has set up. Which of these blog posts do you think would have more value for you? 1. ’10 Reasons Why the Nikon Coolpix 2013 Is the Best Camera Money Can Buy’  2. ’10 Steps to Taking Perfect Outdoor Pictures with Any Camera’ …. The second post address your core problem, which is, how do I take better outdoor pictures? Again, you need to sell the benefit, not the product.”
  • When launching an outreach program: “I tell them to complete this statement: this effort will be a success if X happens”
  • Final thought that hit me hard: “The tools and technology may change, but this fundamental truth of business has not: those brands that adapt to change and embrace it, thrive. Those that do not, perish.”
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