You do your Taxes, you hire a professional, likewise for Social Media

Valentina Social Media Consultant
Working on my Blog

I’ve been meaning to get this off of my chest for some time. Time and time again, I’m shocked with the amount of small biz owners (or their interns) who manage their own social media for their small business without any guidance. Like getting your taxes done, you usually hire an accountant or certified professional to find areas where you can deduct or find an exception that you won’t see since you don’t do taxes for a living.

How will you know what’s the right social media plan for your campaigns to reach your customers and new audiences without hiring a professional to guide you? I often hear, “I’ll try Facebook, but I won’t attempt Twitter or Pinterest because I don’t think I’ll get any customers out of it.”

My question to you is….how do you make sure you’re doing the right approach for your social media marketing to get new leads and ENGAGE with your current customers?

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