Why Hire an MBA When You Can Rent One? ME!

Why Hire an MBA When You Can Rent One?

Why Hire an MBA When You Can Rent One?

Why Hire an MBA When You Can Rent One? Good Question! ¬†Here’s my answer & what I tell my prospects:

Why hire another employee when you can “rent me” to do your marketing for a fraction of the cost? This includes social media marketing for less than the price of a Part-Time employee! I found an article on Mashable talking about this in detail, “companies can choose someone who is hyperspecialized and work with them only for the exact amount of time that they need to.” I work with companies, small business owners, and start-ups to offer quality marketing strategies with various budgets.

How I work:

  1. I often get hired to maintain my clients’ social media pages for a low monthly fee without any contracts*. As in, they hand me their passwords and I manage the social media off of their hands. I post images/updates, reply to comments from the audience (engagement), and provide a report with activity of everything I do.
  2. If they prefer to have their employees manage their marketing, I offer consultation to optimize their activity AND strategies with the latest social media platform.
  3. Finally, I’m available for speaking engagements or group consultations for Associations, Clubs, Educational Institutions – I have a passion and expertise in assisting Non-Profits.
  4. Shh, I offer private lessons for those who are seeking another job opportunity and need the social media skills.

If you’re interested, I’m available to take on another account, please contact me, I’ll be glad to speak with you and guide you in the right direction.

*Service Agreement is required for Maintenance Accounts and Paid Consultations