Is there Tangible ROI for being active on Social Media for Young Professionals?
Valentina’s Tips for a Useful and Strong Social Media Strategy
Featured in Superwoman Smarts podcast

Featured in Superwoman Smarts Podcast discussing Social Media Engagement Versus Followers

Listen below or follow the link under image to hear more: From Superwoman Smarts Podcast: “Engagement is not just about Likes or Followers. What’s the point of having thousands upon thousands of Likes who don’t really care about your message and will never buy from you or walk into your store? This episode is an[…]

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Assisting Another Small Business During the Holidays to Make an Impact for Yourself

In this Holiday season, why not work for something greater than yourself, and use another small business to do it? (Making an Impact in your Community too) Enter Bellafina Chocolates: “all net proceeds, after covering expenses, are dedicated to charities helping children threatened by disease, poverty, abuse, or neglect.” Disclosure: I didn’t really like chocolate like most women[…]

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Top Engagement Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

I recently completed a presentation about engagement marketing to a group of small business owners, advertising professionals, and (a) university professor(s). I’m always asked about what Engagement Marketing means and tips for success. Here are a few suggestions, I offered to this group: Engagement Marketing is…. Quick Response (within an hour, preferably) Consistent (scheduled updates[…]

A Dozen Tips to Help Your Family Thrive in The Digital Age by Devorah Heitner, PhD

ROI of Pinterest for Small Business Owners

Finally! There’s way to see insights and the “potential” of Pinterest! They have just announced that they’ve added Analytics. What this means for you, the business owner that has 5 minutes to decide if this is finally worth your time: You’ll see which pins are getting the most traffic (the numbers!) Based on that traffic,[…]