Picture from Facebook Boost your Business Event Held in Nashville, TN

Part 3: Facebook Boost your Business Event – How to Drive In-Store Sales through Targeting and using an Effective Content Strategy

Have a Brick and Mortar Store? Interested increasing traffic to your store? Do you struggle creating content for your business? You’re in luck. I’m sharing my notes from Facebook’s own event, Boost your Business, these tips will include targeting your audiences and coming up with content. This blog entry is part 2 of 3, see Part[…]

Save Items to View Later with Facebook’s Save Button

There’s a chance to finally save items to view later that you’ve been wanting to read from your Facebook timeline. The scenario: You’re waiting in line and found a perfect article to read but it’s your turn to check out now. You can put your phone away and remember to finish reading the article later. By the[…]