Survey says unemployment among 20-somethings may be their fault

This title was from WCVB. Here’s the video and article: Here’s more information on Lindsey Kirchoff, the success story from the video above. I met her in Knoxville over coffee and I told her to leave TN/go back to Boston and to focus on blogging and attend HubSpot’s Conference “World’s Largest Gathering of Inbound Marketers.”[…]

Do Not Forget G+ and LinkedIn to stay ahead of competition

Google Plus (Google+, G+) & LinkedIn! Don’t forget about these two major platforms when staying ahead of competitors whether it’s for improving your visibly in search ranks and/or to stay ahead of competitors by keeping tracking of what they do. Here’s how by reading these articles: Google Plus emerging as a cool back door to top[…]

Sell Cars to Millennials through Social Media

Exceptional research was conducted and presented to #KAWS8 by Lindsey Kirchoff on Millennial buying personas, tendencies, web research for the car industry. The secret to landing a sale includes EDUCATION through: “interactive/informative websites, inbound marketing [ebooks/blogging] and comparison resources.” Suggestions include: Hire Millennial Writers/Sales Reps…Follow-up ASAP! (In addition to: SEO, Email Marketing, Lead Nuturing, Social CRM,[…]

Tips for Staying Safe in an Online World for Teenagers

I was asked by  Ellen Myatt to assist her in presenting  the topic of Netiquette specifically Messaging, Murder, and Other Crimes: Remaining Safe in a Viral World at the 11th Grade Career Expo at Eastman. To be honest, she’s been doing this presentation for years and created the PPT herself. I was included in the presentation to cater[…]

One Marketing Tip for Holiday Season

Plan your holiday Marketing campaigns ahead of time….Most importantly enjoy each season entirely without jumping ahead to the next. It’s the week before Thanksgiving and this picture posted by journalist, Jeff McShan KHOU and it’s been shared close to 17,000 to others on Facebook. “at Nordstrom…We won’t be decking our halls until Friday, November 27.[…]

Pinterest Introduces Secret Boards, Great for Young Female Professionals

It’s about time! Pinterest Introduces Secret Boards (according to an article from Mashable). Can’t tell you the times where I’ve predicted a pregnancy, engagement, or something controversial a week before it’s been announced by the “pinner” based on the items they’ve been pinning. These secret boards would be great for those avoiding controversy or work-related issues[…]